Music for Women (Survivors of Violence):

A Feminist Music Therapy Interactive eBook 

This book draws upon pop culture and music to explore the phenomenon of male violence against women that is so prevalent today. Examining this in conjunction with the latest research findings, it provides a feminist understanding not only of this violence, but also of the meaning of gender and its impact in women’s lives in terms of their health and wellbeing, self-esteem, empowerment, and love. The book is intended for music therapists, other health care professionals, and the women survivors of violence with whom they work. It is also intended for women as a whole since these issues impact so many. Taking advantage of the incredible powers of music to heal and facilitate change, this interactive e-book is packed with diverse pop music (audio & video) and guided readings. Its format provides easy access for listening and reading—for therapy or outside work.

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Check out the book in an interview with Sandi Curtis on CityTV News! 

The Book Launch @ Concordia U

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